Saturday 1 December 2012

It's been a while...

So, I've been quite, missing, away, etc. for quite some time. I am now back, for my singular follower, no this is not self-effacing humour, there really is just one!

Problem is that I have so many minor pain in the bottom experiences, that to document them all would take an age.

Let's see, today, I had to help the children transplant motherboards (long story, but not topical for this blog, most of the stuff did actually do what it was meant to, even though some of it of idiosyncratic).

Earlier I had to fix our main hallway's gas fire, something worth ranting about, its weird design caused the problem, but it's not exactly 'technology' that this blog is meant to cover.

Corresponding with a person (who appears to have some serious adjustment issues) on eBay who sold me a cheap knock off Scrabble board game, and then sent me some of the most bizarre e-mails I've had in quite some time when I complained. Now those maybe worth posting for sheer entertainment!

Oh the Corsair keyboard, plain heavenly to type on, it's just sublime.

I switched to Ivy bridge Core i5 (4 core) from Clarkdale Core i5, I had intended to go Core i7 (8 Core), but the £100 price difference put me off. Sufficient to say I was stunned by the performance increase, it was unexpected, and having my PC wake up within an instant is just marvellous.

Oh that Humax Foxsat box, more due on that too, yes I found the padding feature, yes it helps, but today it did something bizarre, it recoded 'Ugly Betty' for me instead of what it was mean to record. However there is a theory I came across, other than it containing a malign intelligence that reads my mind and punishes me, that may explains its rather irrational behaviour.

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