Saturday 24 September 2011

Yes, I've been away...

... but I'm back. Yes lots to do, i.e. write up, for something that not many may read, at all.

Brief update on the 'gear' front.

Despite going on in my introduction, that I didn't like Android, well I still quite like it, for reasons I will go into later, but my iPhone 4 is about to replaced with a Motorola Atrix, it has been a baptism of fire. But I'll probably stick with it, because, well, it's cheap as chips, fast, and gives me a nice large iPhone rivalling screen.

The HP Envy has been serviced by HP, after a brief song and dance, but it's OK now. Not fully tested the drive yet, i.e. it plays DVD's now, but will cope with a blue-ray disc? Answer shortly.