Friday 15 August 2014

Android (Kitkat Sony Xperia Z2) Calendar sync, what a mess…

Rant/Cry for help time. Maybe the answer is out there, but I can’t find it, and it’s not for lack of trying. Problem, I noticed that the calendar wasn’t syncing, no not with Outlook, I know those nice folk at Google turned that off, but with, wait for it, Google’s on-line calendar, the one that come with Gmail.

Fantastic, I have a bunch of medical appointments for some poorly relatives to manage, and Android strikes again. This is why I recently posted a comment, prior to buying the Sony Xperia Z2, lovely hardware, shame it’s got that crapy Android on it, or words to that effect.

So I dig around and find the problem, there’s a ‘Device Calendar’, showing up as “SYNCML-ORPHANED”, the latter part of that seems to indicate that this is not how it should be, ‘ORPHANED’ is hardly a calendar name one would use for something that works.


So I Google ‘phone calendar "syncml-orphaned"’ and end up at:-

Which sends me to an idiots guide, is it in Airplane mode? Is sync on?


I couldn’t change the calendar, from ‘Device Calendar’ (the ORPHANED one) on the events I had put in, so I had to enter them all manually on my desktop to my own calendar. Worse still I can’t disable the “SYNCML-ORPHANED” device calendar, I can’t even make my calendar the default for adding new events.