Thursday 7 March 2013

So google Play are having a 'birthday'...

I thought I might be missing out on something, so I had a look, and it turned out there was only one thing that looked mildly interesting, and even that was free, so I downloaded it anyway.

I doubt that mentioning this would be 'breaking the law', but someone I know was asked for such details (not by Google), and they decided to send them a scan of 'a' passport, i.e. not theirs, but edited with MS paint to have their name on it. It was accepted. Mainly because common sense rules, walk into a bank with £20k of cash, and they'll want to see some original ID. Fail a check with Google over an 80p app, I think we can safely assume that Google will not be able to convince the IPS (Identity and Passport Service, UK) to validate the passport for them, not for free, or even a small fee for that matter if it is a paid for service that they offer. It might be free if they could make the case for a crime about to be committed.
Their e-mail would probably look something like this:-

"Dear IPS, 

Please be informed, we are having the difficulty in confirming of the details Mr. Fat Twonky, we are being thinking he is doing the fraud big time with our system of purchasing, Google Play. He send us a picture of his Pastport, can you be please cheking this for us and be kindly reverting back to us with the resultant report off this passport."

Putting a picture of a monkey might not work, but I suspect that one of just about anyone else will. I've been tempted, but thought, nah, can't be bothered, Amazon store's working fine for me.

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